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There are probably a lot more reasons for alopecia than there are kinds of alopecia. Its causes are frequently never discerned – it just seems to happen, for no reason. Sometimes, its causes are diagnosed or discovered, and the hair loss can be reversed. At other times, its causes are found out and there is no known cure. Treatments sometimes work and sometimes don’t work. Unfortunately, when it comes to the treatment of alopecia, there are few hard and fast rules that apply to everybody.

A patch of hair may be lost through a condition known as alopecia areata. Alopecia hair loss is a common condition, and alopecia areata is the most common form of alopecia. It can be found not just on top of the head. Other areas of the body have the condition, such as men’s beards. It can manifest itself on the head in a patch of any size. Some of these patches may not even be noticed by the sufferer. They can go through life unaware of the patch, and no one else will notice it either. It may however be found on the crown on the head in the same way that a bald patch can look on the crown of a man’s head. It could look like a monk’s tonsure. There are treatments for alopecia but sometimes they are not effective. This can result in total and permanent hair loss in the affected area. This condition is then called alopecia totalis. The complete loss of all hair from the body – an extreme form of alopecia – is known as alopecia universalis. Any form of alopecia can be disguised or hidden through hair care and hair replacement therapies and products. You can find them at Hough’s Hair Salon.


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