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Whatever type of male baldness you are experiencing we can provide the best non-surical solution with fantastic natural results. Watch our explanation videos below:

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Hair loss can be caused by a variety of factors. Some of them are genetic and others are environmental. Whatever the cause, the loss of head hair can bring with it a loss of confidence. Male hair replacement and female hair replacement techniques are advanced enough today that it need not be a worry.

You want to find a hair loss clinic in Birmingham with enough experience and expertise to guide you through potential treatments and products. Hough’s Hair Salon provides just the right kind of advice and hair loss products. The benefits of wearing a wig, for example, can mean a restoration of confidence about the appearance. Wigs today look like real hair – many of them comprising human hair. There are a variety of types of wig that use techniques such as lacing, hair clips and adhesive to bring an entirely realistic look to the wig. Many of them can allow you to take part in any kind of activity you like – you won’t have to worry about the wig falling from the head. They come in numerous styles, and can themselves frequently be styled to achieve a certain look.

Hough’s Hair Salon Birmingham has expertise in treating both male and female hair loss. The specialists there will be able to help if you are suffering from hair loss. A one to one consultation can be carried out in the discretion of a private cubicle. Fittings and procedures can take place in the strictest confidence. You will be given the best advice by experienced specialists in Birmingham. We also offer a fantastic after sales service. With nearby parking facilities, you can come in for a treatment, consultation or fitting with little difficulty. The testimonials on our site will show you the satisfaction our past customers have given our service and treatments. So pick up the phone to make an appointment today. You won’t be disappointed.
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