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We provide the answer to your hair loss - we are only a short drive from Telford in Wolverhampton and have many years of hair replacement knowledge, with clinets travelling across the UK. Whatever type of male baldness you are experiencing we can provide the best non-surical solution with fantastic natural results. Watch our explanation videos below:

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Male hair replacement Telford products include wigs and non surgical hair replacement. Male pattern baldness affects a substantial proportion of the male population in developed societies. Oddly, however, many tribes living more ascetic, nomadic or “natural” lifestyles around the world do not suffer from the problem of male pattern baldness. Whatever the reason for this, there are solutions for all kinds of male baldness in Telford.

Female hair replacement hair loss specialists Telford are also available to provide solutions for female hair loss. With plenty of experience, the hair loss specialists in Telford can take appointments for consultation and see you promptly. You can avail of any service, including natural looking wigs and hairpieces. There are hair replacement systems to fit any condition, to suit any hair colour and to fit any head shape. Consultations are carried out in discreet private cubicles. The advice given for hair replacement won’t be bettered elsewhere. There are also follow ups and after sales services available for regular maintanence and styling of your wig.

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There are numerous reasons for hair loss. They include medical conditions such as a change to the thyroid, or they can be an adverse reaction to medication for a separate condition. The factors involved in hair loss are not necessarily environmental: They can also be genetic. But hair loss solutions, such as wearing a wig, can bring about a restoration of confidence. Wigs today don’t have to look like wigs. They look natural and many of them are made from human hair. Many hair care solutions can actually be styled or cut in such a way as to seem even more realistic. All of the specialists at Hough’s Hair Salon near Telford are there to provide a service that won’t be bettered.

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