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"With over 25 years experience we specialise in the answer to male hair loss - non surgical hair replacement
for men, that is cut and styled to look natural and suit you"

We understand that finding the answer to your hair loss problem is not easy and what you are looking for is the best 'solution' to provide a full head of hair. You have no doubt come across the other products and services from tablets to shampoo's and even as far a thinking about surgery. In a nutshell what we provide is the 'non surgical answer' via a hair replacement system.

Whatever type of male baldness you are experiencing this is suitable for you - and can be cut and styled to any hair design. The most important thing is the way in which it is fitted, cut and styled to ensure it looks natural and un-noticable - this is where with our 25 years experience and David's expertise you need have no worries in the final look.

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Hair Replacement Systems
Hair Replacement Systems





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But what causes standard genetic male baldness?

It has been suggested that male pattern baldness has an evolutionary purpose. The appearance of “more” of the face and a more open appearance indicates an increase in status, and perhaps less of a need to hide or to be submissive. It is therefore a sign that the status of the individual – due to age and maturity – is greater within a group than that of lesser or younger people in the group. Others may suggest that the area of the forehead on display may enhance the appearance of a person for less innocuous or more aggressive reasons. This theory pre-dates civilised society in terms of its applications, but gorillas are known to have enlarged foreheads, and they may have evolved for the same reason.

Hair replacement for men, whatever the condition that is the answer to male hair loss, can be sought in local hair care clinics and hair loss specialists and is non surgical.

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