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"We have clients from across the UK who are looking for the best solution to their hair loss - with a non surgical hair replacement Worcester system you can have a full head of natural looking hair - and no-one will know its not
your own"

What service do we provide?

You may want to know the meaning of hair replacement. It’s a non surgical treatment, but it’s not a toupee, a hairpiece or a wig in the conventional sense. So if you’re looking for a full head of hair after suffering hair loss, or baldness is starting to take hold, then your new hair replacement system can be styled in any number of ways, and you can find our hair replacement system in all kinds of colours.



The system is custom made specifically for your pattern of hair loss, and to replace patches where hair has been missing. As such, it looks terrific. This can give a great confidence boost, and a restoration in self esteem – much like the restoration of the hair on your head!

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Hair Replacement Systems

Our first consultations are free and they take place in the privacy of a cubicle. You won’t feel embarrassed coming to us, and many of our clients come from miles away to see us, maintaining that we our worth coming the ‘extra mile’ for. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for advice or to book.


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Hair Replacement Systems


Each and every system is fitted, cut and styled to suit you - if you are looking for a particular style then we can meet your requirements - with a free consultation we can discuss all of your ideas and together work out the best solution.

Male Baldness Patterns

The last thirty years have seen our Wolverhampton based hair replacement Worcester salon servicing Worcester and across the UK – not just the local area. The reason they come to the centre of Wolverhampton is because of our great reputation when it comes to providing solutions for male hair loss. We provide completely natural hair replacement that doesn’t involve surgery. You just have to check out our non surgical hair replacement systems to know that we supply excellent products.

We do not charge for appointments - book your FREE consultation - in a private cubicle - today.

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