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Reasons For Why We Experience Hair Loss

Evolutionary studies have shown that male pattern baldness may in fact have its reasons for hair loss in the social networks established by our ancestors. A dominant male – the equivalent of a silverback gorilla – could probably retain his place at the top of the pecking order by having a more “open” face. The raising of the hairline as a man aged probably meant that, although he was in a position of power, he did not in fact pose a threat to those beneath him. The increase in status also suggests that the man – or one of our ancestral species – had less of a need to show any kind of submissive behaviour to anyone. Chimpanzees and orangutans are known to suffer male pattern baldness. Gorillas may have enlarged foreheads for the same reason.

Male pattern baldness is inherited on the maternal side – or at least the mother’s side of a bald man’s family plays a significant role. A bald man’s uncles on his mother’s side are likely to be bald, while a father’s hair and that of his brothers can be healthy. Women can also inherit hair loss traits, but they are unlikely to lose hair in the same way as men. Their hair can become diffuse all over the scalp, while men recede at the fringe and lose hair on the crown and at the back.

Other causes of hair loss include alopecia, for which there is often no explanation. It can manifest itself as a patch of scalp or skin anywhere on the body that goes bare.Hair loss reasons can also have environmental causes. A reaction to medication is one. Extreme diets have been known to cause hair loss. Hair loss can also be the result of a reaction to stress.

All of these hair loss causes have solutions in terms of hair restoration technology and products. Find out more by calling us or visiting Hough’s Hair Salon.

Whatever type of male baldness you are experiencing we can provide the best non-surical solution with fantastic natural results. Watch our explanation videos below:


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