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If you are experiencing hair loss or male pattern baldness and are looking for
the best treatment Liverpool - hair replacement systems provide a full head of hair.

No surgery - made to measure fully integrated systems, available in
any hair design and style that you wish.

Over the years we have had numerous questions and concerns! - below is a list of the most common and answera. If you have any other hair loss Liverpool questions not listed feel free to give us a call on 01902 246004 or complete the form above.

1) Q: What kinds of hair styles are available?
A: Which hair style do you want? Our stylists are able to recreate whatever image or look you would like! After discussing your choice of colour, length, cut and shape, your system will be created to match your criteria and leave you looking the way you desire.

2) Q: What is the process for making a system?
A: Using your actual head and hair shape as the guide, a mould is created as an exact replica of your existing head. The next step is taking this mould and creating the breathable base before human hair is implanted, using a unique technique that gives a natural looking result and feel. When fitted, the system will blend in with your natural hair with no noticeable difference in look or touch.

3) Q: How does it feel when it is on?
A: The system has been developed to feel as natural as normal hair. The system is breathable and finished to allow your body to perform naturally. After initially getting used to having the system on, you will forget you are even wearing it!

4) Q: I like the idea but I am nervous!
A: Over the last 25 years we have grown to understand this is a sensitive and brave move for each of them. As a result we completely appreciate you may be nervous and can assure you we will be patient, informative and you will be under no pressure to decide there and then. We offer a free consultation so why not contact us today via the online form or on 01902 246004

Liverpool Hair Treatment

Both David & Claire have many years experince, feel free to book in for a free initial consultation (form below)
and either David or Claire will be happy to show you the options and explain the whole process.
Whatever type of hair loss, full head or pattern baldness there is no need for surgery if you are looking
to find the answer and have a full head of natural looking hair - any style!

"We have clients from all over the UK and those with hair loss Liverpool - with a free consultation in a private
discreet cubicle we can discuss any questions or concerns you may have - in a friendly relaxed environment"

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Full head of pattern baldness

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Hair Replacement Systems

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