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Hair Loss & Hair Replacement Hereford

You are no doubt experiencing hair loss? And looking for the answer so that you
have a full head of natural looking hair?

If yes - we specialise in hair replacement Hereford systems! - in its basic form it is a system which
depending on you hair loss or pattern of baldness fits the area exactly - and then is cut, styled &
integrated so that no-one can tell and you have a full head of natural looking hair!

Hair loss Hereford.

We have over 25 years experience - providing these systems to men and women all over the UK!
We are that confident it will be the answer to your hair loss that we offer free consultation - in a
private cubicle - we'll show you how it works and the results that can be achieved.

Hair Replacement Systems
Hair Replacement Systems


Full head of pattern baldness

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Hair Loss - questions and answers!


You may have some questions? We've got a list of the answers ready for you below! - take a look and read and check out the videos at the bottom - looking for prices? - it depends on individual needs but they start from £350.

1) Q: What is the price of the procedure?
A: This is a common question and one that we are unable to give you an exact answer to until after the consultation. The reason is that each individual has many unique factors that change the variables involved in quoting a system. We can assure you that our prices are very competitive and to give a rough idea, a fitted, styled and coloured system will begin from £280. Our consultations are free and so why not contact us to discuss what we can do for you.

2) Q: Can these be used with no existing hair?
A: The systems can be designed and used to fit with any stage or area of baldness, be it partial or full hair loss. There are several approaches to creating the perfect look and if blending into existing hair is not an option, there are solutions to fit your needs.

3) Q: Do the systems last long?
A: Usually the systems last around 12 months but if properly maintained and looked after, they can last longer.

4) Q: Can I pay for a private service?
A: You do not pay any extra for a private service – all our client consultations are carried out in private rooms and in the upmost of confidence. Our specialist will take you through the process and discuss any questions or queries you may have.

5) Q: Can I create my own hair style?
A: Absolutely! We understand that each customer will be unique and as such, we have the capability of recreating any hair style to match. We can work with you on colour, length and shape to ensure that the final result is exactly what you are looking for.

6) Q: What is involved in creating a made to measure system?
A: Firstly we make a replica of your area of baldness and head shape which is then sent to our production team who create a permeable base, designed from your individual measurements. Next, the designers implant real human hair at the correct angles and positions in order to create a precise and natural hair look which will be virtually unnoticeable.

7) Q: What is the system like to wear?
A: When developing the design, there was a strong focus on creating a product that feels and looks as natural as possible. The outcome has been the production of a system that has resulted in client feedback such as ‘after a few hours, you will hardly notice the system is even there’.

8) Q: Are people usually nervous about the idea?
A: Yes! This is a big step and could result in a big change to your life. It is very common for people to be nervous and our team understand this. You can be assured that our team is friendly, welcoming, discreet and all consultations are carried out in confidence. Get in touch via the online form or by phone (01902) 246004 - we are confident you will feel at ease.

Male Baldness Patterns

Hair loss treatment reviews

"Based in Wolverhampton City Centre we are easy to get to (parking is available) and are only a short walk from the main bus depot and train station. For something that you will benefit from everyday of the year it is worth visiting a professional - are are not that far away from Hereford"

Why not book in for a free consultation? if you have any questions complete the form above!

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