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Hair Loss Treatment Reviews

There are a few methods to regaining a full head of hair - one of the best non surgical options is a
"hair replacement system" - the following are the key benefits:

1) Non surgical . 2) Any cut, style & colour . 3) Natural & unique . 4) Un-noticable

With over the 25 years experience in hair loss we have many clients from all areas of the UK, we offer
free consultations in a private discreet cubicle and can explain the fantastic results.

Hair loss treatment reviews

The process is simple - fitted, cut and styled to your individual requirments - contact us.

Hair Replacement Systems
Hair Replacement Systems


Full head of pattern baldness

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Hair Replacement Systems


Suitable for all baldness and hair loss - complete full head or pattern. If you are looking for a natural hair loss treatment then this really could be the answer for you if you would like a full head of natural looking hair. A non-surgical hair replacement system is not a wig or a hairpiece - its fully integrated and styled to look natural and unique.

Male Baldness Patterns

If you are experiencing the inconveniences of male hair loss, you are aware that dealing with it can enhance your confidence and overall appeal. We offer a bespoke service for male hair recession and have come through a length of experience to develop the best services for genuine hairstyle - our non-surgical hair replacement systems are an unsurpassed method we offer in our Wolverhampton based salon.  Distances are not a problem for clients from all parts of the UK who have chosen to make a difference to their appearance for rewarding results thanks to our method.

Our service – what is involved and the process

The key to our popularity is the natural effect we achieve; you should not dismiss our service if for you ‘hair replacement” is a wig-like solution aimed at concealing receding hair. Our goal is a natural and unique hair style – we enable you to acquire natural abundance for hairstyles and opportunities for colour in any style and complexion. Our hair replacement system achieves a miraculously natural un-noticable result..

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