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Hair Loss Treatment in Stafford

There is no more need for hair loss - a hair replacement system provides a full
head of natural looking hair - any style and hair design .

We have many years experience (over 25) providing a non surgical hair loss treatment for hair loss - full head
or pattern baldness - each is custom fitted, cut and styled to any hair design to suit you and look natural. Based
in Wolverhampton city centre we are only a short journey from Stafford and offer free consultations.

Hair loss treatment Stafford

You no doubt have some questions and concerns - the below are some common questions and the answers.

1) Q: How much will this cost me?

A: Unfortunately it is difficult to give an exact price before your consultation, as each individual’s circumstances and requirements are unique. There are many different options of styles, lengths, pre-made or made to measure systems and how they will work with your own hair and head. You can, however, be assured that we offer very competitive prices and our consultations are absolutely free with no obligation. Why not get in touch to find out more. 

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Hair Replacement Systems
Hair Replacement Systems


Full head of pattern baldness

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FAQ's about hair replacement systems.


More questions and answers you may have:

2) Q: Can this still be done if I have lost all my hair?
A: Absolutely! Our unique approach to creating the systems allows for solutions whatever your hair type or amount of baldness.

3) Q: How can I use the systems last
A: The average lifespan of a system is between 8months to a year but if the system is well maintained, it should surpass that time.

4) Q: Is your service private?
A: As one of our clients you can be assured of complete privacy and discretion at every step of the way. Our free consultation takes place one to one with a specialist in a private room and with our 25 years of experience comes the understanding our customers. You are welcome to bring a friend or family member along if it will make you feel more comfortable and help your decision.

5) Q: What hair styles do you offer?
A: Understanding that each of our clients will be individual in their desires, our team of stylist are here to help you design and produce the look you wish for. Choose your length, shape, colour and style and know that we will work with you to ensure you feel confident in your new look.

6) Q: How is a made to measure system created?
A: The system is created by taking your measurements and creating a mould of your head shape. From this mould a permeable base is created into which human hair is inserted following a precise process which results in the hair looking and feeling completely natural when worn.

7) Q: Is the system comfortable when worn?
A: When designing this product, comfort was at the forefront our objectives. We knew that without the system being enjoyable to wear, the product was worthless, however good it looked. As a result we have created a breathable and soft finish that will leave you forgetting it was not your natural hair.

8) Q: Is it normal to feel nervous about visiting you?
A: It is completely natural to be apprehensive about such a big change to your life and dealing with your hair loss, especially something as sensitive as your hair loss. However, what you can be sure of is that our experienced, friendly and knowledgeable team of experts understand your emotions and are here to help you talk through the process and answer any questions you may have.  To get in touch either call us on (01902) 246004 or fill in the online form.

Male Baldness Patterns

To book your FREE initial consultation - in a private discreet cubicle - please call 01902 246004 or contact us above.

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