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Hair Loss Treatment West Midlands

Hair loss or baldness? - We provide the non surgical answer!

For hair loss treatment West Midlands a non surgical hair replacement system is a
fully integrated and blended system to provide a full head of natural looking hair.

With more than 25 years experience in Wolverhampton City Centre we have clients who come from all areas of the UK - full head hair loss or pattern baldness - get in touch today.

"With private cubicles David or Claire can discuss your needs and go through the different options available,
prices start from £475 - fully fitted, cut and styled to give a full head of hair"


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Hair Replacement Systems


An explanation of the service we provide

In its basic form a 'non surgical hair replacement system' is a 'system' that fits your area of baldness (or full head if complete hair loss). The hair within the system is then blended and integrated with any existing hair that you have so you cannot see any 'join'. The system is rigid, does not move and can be worn at all times. Its best to make an appointment and speak to David or Claire for more information and any advice that you need.

Whether you have pattern baldness (crown area, front top fringe), full head hair loss or thinning hair a hair replacement system has proved to be the hair loss treatment West Midlands for many clients from across the UK and beyond. With our years of experience we are able to offer a service which is custom and personal to you - we work with you and understand that the finished look needs to be un-noticable and natural - the final results are fantastic if you are looking for a full head of hair.

Although based in Wolverhampton we do have clients who travel from all areas of the UK - having spoken and got feedback from our clients it is obvious it is important that the final look is good - travelling an extra few miles or couple of hours seems more than worth it when you are looking better every single day. Having a full head of hair can make you look better, younger and boost confidence and the service we provide is well worth considering.

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Hair loss treatment West Midlands.

Hair Loss West Midlands

Hair Replacement Systems


To book your FREE initial consultation - in a private discreet cubicle - please call 01902 246004 or contact us above. If you are looking for hair loss treatment West Midlands.

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