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Hair Replacement is a hair loss treatment in Peterborough

If you have loss loss - we provide wigs, hair replacement & the ideal treatment!

For all hair loss treatment Peterborough we can provide the best non-surgical answer.
A hair replacement system is fully integrated, blended an un-noticable.

David & Claire have many years experience in hair loss and are able to help and provide more information
on what will be best for your needs. We are based in Wolverhampton City Centre and have clients who
travel from all over the UK - with FREE consultation feel free to book in for a private consultation.


Hair Replacement Systems
Hair Replacement Systems


Full head of pattern baldness

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1) Q: How much does the work cost?

A: The costs involved in your perfect system can vary and really depend on your personal requirements. Decisions on pre made or made to measure systems,, hair length and style  are unique to each person and for this reason we can not provide a price list without knowing what you would like. The best way to get a more accurate idea of price is to contact us and book in your FREE, no obligation consultation.

2) Q: Are the systems suitable for full loss of hair?
A: Yes, they are certainly suitable for full hair loss. In fact, our systems are designed to work with any stage of hair loss, be it localised, partial or full. The creation of the system is based on a replica of the individuals head shape and hair line which allows for a product to fit inline with any requirements.

3) Q: What is the lifespan of the system?
A: Depending on how well the system is looked after, its lifespan should be at least one year, if not more.

4) Q: Do you have a private service available?
A: You will meet with one of our consultants in a private cubicle, away from anyone else at the clinic. Only you and the specialist will be involved in the meeting and you can be assured your privacy is paramount.

Feel free to book a completely free no obligation consultation to discuss in detail.

Male Baldness Patterns


Hair loss treatment reviews

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