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You can find hair loss solutions from Hough’s Hair Salon clinic. These include custom wigs that can be fitted for your exact head shape and hair style specifications. Custom wigs include all kinds of wigs.

For example, synthetic wigs may be custom wigs. They can often look as good as the real thing. They can be thick with extremely good texture. They often don’t get matted up the way real hair could. They have natural “hairlines” and they come in very natural colours.

There are also natural hair custom wigs. These wigs are sometimes made from human hair and can be custom cut, styled and fitted. The benefits of finding a custom wig that’s the perfect fit for you include the fact that it is likely to come in a variety of styles and colours. This means that once you have chosen the right brand and style for you, you can return to that brand for another version of the same for special occasions or a change of style.



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Custom Wigs for Men and Women


Custom wigs can often themselves be styled once they are on the head, or styled after being first fitted for their suitability. They really don’t look artificial; the myth about toupees and hairpieces is that they don’t look real. In reality, hairpieces have been fooling people for generations – it’s only poorly fitted wigs that don’t convince, or novelty wigs from joke shops. A custom wig will look exactly like natural hair. It will be fitted and secured in such a way as to allow the scalp to breathe while it is held down in any number of ways. There are skin friendly adhesives, hair clips, drawstrings and lace fittings of all kinds that make the hair piece effectively feel like a second skin. It is hardly noticeable. So try a custom wig at Hough’s Hair Salon today.

Custom Wigs | Made To Measure Custom Wigs For Men & Women

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