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Full lace wigs are available in Hough’s Hair Salon. They can come with wig clips or adhesive. They can be colour coded to match the colour of your hair. You may, for example, be a “colour number two” for a specific wig. If you like a particular brand, you can choose any number of styles to suit the kind of wig you want for specific occasions. For example, full lace wigs may have a body wave or can come as straight hair. Lace wig application is relatively easy and can be fitted by the wig fitter or hair care specialist.

You can go around the edges of the hairline and clean with an alcohol solution with a small brush such as a toothbrush. There may be combs or clips in the wig to make it fit into your hair. They can be at the front or the back of the wig or both. There are draw strings and other “technology” in wigs to secure the wigs in place so there is no chance that a wig can come off.


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Some hair caps on wigs may be too loose for a head size. However, there will always be a hair cap that is the right size for a given person’s head. Wigs can be worn for any occasion. There are wigs that suit the summer, or wigs that can be worn in the winter. It depends on the volume and wig length. There are short wigs, and wigs with hair that is more than a foot long. There are wigs that would be most suited even to specific body shapes.

Hair can look natural on a wig in a number of ways. For example, there are perm effects in many wigs. They can then have hair at the hair line that looks like fresh, unpermed hair. The hair in the wig gives the impression of being natural by virtue of a simple trick to simulate new hair growth.


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