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"Look no further for your answer to male hair loss - with over 25 years experience we are one of the UK's leading
non surgical hair replacement Leicester specialists - all fitted, cut and styled to suit you."

If you are looking for a solution to male hair loss then you need to ensure it looks natural and is un-noticable - with a professionally cut and styled hair replacement system you are able to achieve the results you are looking for.

No surgery - hair systems are the answer to your hair loss.


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Male Hair Replacement


So what exactly is a hair replacement Leicester? Firstly it is not a toupee or a hairpiece. It provides you with a full head of natural hair that can be styled to any hair style. If you have started to lose your hair through male pattern baldness or some other condition, you can choose hair replacement Leicester as the answer.

The advantages to havinga hair system over other potential hair loss treatment are many. There is no risk, no surgery and the cost is affordable. it’s a custom made treatment, specific to your own head and to your own hair loss. The final look is of most importance and it offers a boost to self esteem and confidence that may have been lost due to baldness.

Our clients travel from all areas of the country because we offer a high quality service. Don’t hesitate to contact us for advice regarding hair loss or for a free consultation, which will be carried out in one of our discreet private cubicles.

Recent photos showing the before and after results - all done by us!

Hair replacement Leicester.
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