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Hair Replacement Redditch

"Experiencing hair loss? We have many years experience providing the answer in hair replacement Redditch
systems for men - we provide the whole service from fitting, cutting and styling"


The service that we provide:

You can style your hair replacement system, which is available in any natural colour to match your own existing hair. You will find that you won’t have the same success in styling a hairpiece such as a wig or a toupee in the same way. It will also not appear obvious in any way. Baldness can be quite a stressful ordeal, but hair replacement Redditch is available to you once it starts.

The benefits of the technique that is used to replace hair in this way are endless. The system is an all natural, customised one, specific to you and to your pattern of hair loss. Wherever you find your hair thinning, the system will replace the patch in that area. This can bring about a restoration of confidence.

Clients always tell us it is worth paying us a visit for their hair loss needs – even if they live some distance away. It’s because we carry out our work discreetly in private cubicles, and we provide a top quality service. So don’t hesitate to contact us today for advice or a free consultation.

Hair Replacement Systems
Hair Replacement Systems


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Hair Replacement For Men


We specialise in systems that are integrated and blended with your existing hair, for examples, back and sides as well as systems for full head baldness. We ensure each looks natural and is un-noticable through our years (over 25!) of experience in cutting and styling hair replacement Redditch systems. The results are great - and we are that confident we do not charge for initial consultations - book in today.

Male Baldness Patterns

Our natural and unique male hair loss products are the answer to your hair loss needs, they don’t require surgery and they are available from our Wolverhampton city centre salon. Clients come from much farther than the Wolverhampton area because of our reputation. We have thirty years of experience building a reputation, and we are experts in the field and more than qualified to provide hair loss solutions. Our non surgical hair replacement systems are have been proven as an excellent hair replacement technology.


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Hair Replacement

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