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Human hair wigs – which can be found at Hough’s Hair Salon – are a great means of disguising hair loss and are a cheaper means of doing so than other more radical or costly treatments. The hair is entirely human, unlike other hair wigs which can be made from various other kinds of hair such as hair from a horse or synthetic hair.



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Human Hair Wigs - Fitted, Cut and Styled


Some wigs may be defined as hair that is woven together – perhaps over a cap made of some kind of material – that can be placed on the head, almost like a hat. The cap can be made of what is a see through nylon like lace that is comfortable against the skin, so many human hair wigs of this kind can be fitted so that they are not discernibly “false” hair. However, hair integration systems can also take a more holistic view of the remaining hair on the head, matching strands of human hair with the remaining hair on the head in such a way that it looks as if the “fake hair” – which as mentioned is often itself human anyway – is actually natural growth. There are “breathable” covers for wigs today, such as the lace, that allow the scalp and skin to be unaffected by the cover. They feel as comfortable as to be ultimately indiscernible to the wearer as regular hair and could be regarded as a second skin.

There are various means to secure human hair wigs. You can use tapes of various kinds to hold down a wig. There are various kinds of adhesive treatment to hold down wigs too. They can also be secured using clips or drawstrings, or a combination of any or all of the above.

Wigs – including human hair wigs – can be heat friendly. If you’re in a climate that is very hot or there is a lot of sun during the summer, there are wigs tailor made for these environments. Many kinds of wigs come with instructions about how to keep the wigs clean – you can even wash some wigs.

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