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We have been established for over 25 years providing all types of ladies wigs, including lace front wigs both human and synthetic hair. Whatever your requirement are, medical hair loss or wigs for fashion we can meet your needs - contact us today.

We offer the complete service - we can fit, cut and style your wigs to ensure they look natural and suit you.

-- We also offer 'free consultations' - in one of our private cubicles, to discuss your specific requirements with a specialist and help you decide on the best wig for you. --


Lace Front Wigs

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Lace Wigs - Fitted, Cut & Styled

If you are looking to buy a wigs it is important that it fits and suits you. We are more than an 'online shop' and have over 25 years experience proving lace front wigs that are cut, styled and fitted to your exact requirements. Many of our clients travel from across the UK to our Wolverhampton city centre salon. The following photos show the process involved.

Ladies Wigs

Styling service also available for wigs not provided by ourselves.

If you are an experienced wearer or are unable to visit us then we can provide a supply only. We'll discuss via email or over the telephone your requirements and help you find a wig to suit you - we'll then post this to you for free.

A selection of our front lace wigs available:

We offer premium wigs which are each 100% handmade to the highest specification. What makes a lace front wig different from others is the base/cap - they are lighter, superfine to look natural, non slippery etc - most important of all they look natural and un-noticable.

The following are some of our most popular styles:

Selection of lace front wigs
Lace front wigs Wolverhampton – available at Hough’s Hair Salon – can be made to look more realistic through various techniques and tricks. For example, a wig that is styled with a perm can have some “growth” at the hair line area to suggest new hair has grown out after the perm was done. Whether intended to look unpermed or not, the effect is that it tricks people who see the wig into believing that it is natural hair. Hair at the hair line can be made to look coarse like new hair or it can be made to blend with the style that the wig is intended for. It all depends on the kind of wig you select. Lace front human hair wigs – like any other kind of wigs, such as full lace wigs – can be extremely durable. The great thing about certain wigs is that they come in different colours and styles. If you settle on a brand and “model” of wig, you can choose a similar wig with just a change of colour or style for your next wig fitting, to give the impression that you have had your hair done. Although lace front wigs Birmingham themselves come in various styles, the hair in a wig can often be styled and teased into a particular fashion too. The lace at the front of the wig can be found at the hairline. It blends in against the flesh at the hair line, and can’t be discerned against it. rather like nylon tights, it is transparent so that it tricks the eye into thinking that the hair line is natural. The lace front wigs can be held on the head in a variety of ways. Some of them are held down using clips or draw strings of different kinds. Adhesive against the skin can also be used to hold down a wig in a secure manner. Get advice and more at Hough’s Hair Salon.

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