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It was only in the time of the Renaissance that the fashion for wig wearing was revived after more than a thousand years. Wigs were known to be used by the civilisations of antiquity, including the Egyptians. However, after the fall of the Roman Empire, it was only in the sixteenth century that wigs saw a return to high culture in Europe, although they were still seen in various cultures before that point. They were used to disguise the fact that their wearers suffered hair loss, but they were used for other purposes too. They were frequently used as a preventative measure against hair lice. The real hair was cut short and a wig worn on the scalp as hair lice was easier to remove from a wig than from natural hair. Fur hats and hoods were worn for the same effect. Today’s wig shop is quite a modern tradition, but only because of the quality of the wigs available. One such shop – albeit one offering a fantastic range – is Hough’s Hair Salon.

At Hough’s Hair Salon, there are wigs that can be customised to fit a certain head shape. Various kinds of head adhesive can stick a wig to the scalp in such a way as to prevent its removal from the head if someone is partaking in exercise or vigorous activity. There are also wigs that come with hair clips. If Hough’s Hair Salon is to be regarded as a wig shop, such shops are more than just purveyors of wigs. You can come in for a sitting in a discreet setting. Booths or cubicles are partitioned for privacy. Wigs can be fitted and styled to match the person’s actual hair style. The way in which the wig will be secured can also be determined. Hair clips, skin friendly adhesives and draw strings are all methods that can be employed. Finally, instructions on how to maintain the new hair piece can also be provided at the Hough’s Hair Salon “wig shop”.

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