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With our years of expertise we are able to provide any wig that you need. We have both male and female
specialists and all appointments/consultations are carried out in private cubicles. Contact us today
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For all your wigs Derby we offer the professional personal service that you need to ensure the final overall look.

1) We provide help/advice 2) Full fit, cut and style 3) Fantastic finish and look

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If you are experiencing hair loss or thinning hair and are looking for professional wigs Derby that are custom cut and styled so they look natural and unique then we can meet you needs.


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There are wigs Derby available in numerous styles and cuts from Hough’s Hair Salon. Some of them may be eighteen inches in length or more. Some of them look like a short tight haircut. Some are wavy and some are straight. There are wigs for both genders and all races. They come in numerous styles, and all of them can be tried out at Hough’s Hair Salon. We can offer a discreet advice, fittings and after care service should you need it, so it is benefitial to find the best specialist with the years of experience.

If you’re loath to wear a wig for the simple reason that they get a bad rap, you should think again. At least go for a fitting at Hough’s Hair Salon Derby wig fitters, and if you’re not satisfied, you don’t have to commit to the purchase. The fact is, the wigs and hair technology available today mean that wigs and other hair pieces are genuinely capable of looking like real hair whether they are made of human hair or a synthetic material. Many of them are in fact made of human hair.

Wigs can be fitted using lace or clips or drawstrings or any number of other technologies, such as skin friendly adhesive. They can imbue their wearer with the confidence about their appearance that may have been lost with the loss of their hair. Hough’s Hair Salon - Wigs Derby will have plenty of experience in the field and will know exactly which products will suit your needs when you come in for a consultation.

The affordability of wigs means they can be regarded as a long term investment. You can “rotate” wigs if you have more than one. When wigs are rotated so that they get a break, they can last for years rather than months.

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