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With over 25 years experience we specialise in hair systems for medical hair loss:

We can provide ladies wigs for cancer and male hair replacement systems as a solution and answer to loosing you hair a result of chemotheraphy. We have private discreet cubicles where we can discuss our needs and help advice on the best type and style for you. We offer a complete bespoke made to measure service and the final look is completely natural and un-noticable.

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Wigs For Cancer


We have many years experience providing medical wigs and systems as a direct result of the hair loss due to chemothearphy and other medical reasons. Based in the West Midlands we have clients from across the UK - its worth the journey to achieve the best results possible.

We specialise in more than just 'wigs', a wig is essentially an 'off the shelf' piece of hair, what we can provide is the complete fitting, cutting and styling service where we ensure the 'hair system' looks natural and suits you.

If you are in any doubt as what results can be achieved and if it will really look natural we offer free consultations in a private cubicle - you can visit us at our salon and we will go through all the options available.

We are also reasonably priced, systems start from £100. Please feel free to give us a call on 01902 246004 or complete the contact form above and we'll contact you.

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... Private cubicles
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please feel free to give Maggie a call.

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Wigs Cancer

We have clients from: Wolverhampton | cancer wigs Birmingham | wigs Manchester | Coventry, Stafford, London, Shropshire and beyond. Those suffering from cancer may find that their hair falls out after doses of chemotherapy. They will be glad to know that there are hair loss solutions that have been used by humankind long before radiation therapies were around. They were often used for official purposes, but they sometimes held significance in religious or ceremonial events. The wigs of today look far more like natural hair than their antecedents did. One of the side effects of getting chemotherapy is the loss of hair. This is because the treatment targets cells that divide quicker than other cells in the body. One of those fast dividing cell types is cancer. A second type pertains to the immunity system, so chemotherapy can be compounded a little as the treatment may lower the immunity and make people more susceptible to a cold, for example. But a third type of cells that quickly splits is the one that pertains to hair follicles and growth. So this type of cell is also targeted as an “epiphenomenon” of the cancer treatment. It is obviously an unwanted side effect, but a very simple and cost effective solution is to wear a wig. Wigs can be custom made to fit the head. There are various kinds of wig. Some are made from hair and some are synthetic, but there are many kinds of wig available today that are actually human hair. Lace front wigs and full lace wigs of various kinds can be found. They are an easy and quick cosmetic solution to the problem of hair loss. Not only that, but they look “real”. They can often be fitted on the head and are unobtrusive in terms of how they feel. They are effectively a second skin and they do not prevent the scalp from “breathing” as it should.

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