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We specialise in all wig types - from ladies fashion wigs to mens wigs to wigs for cancer - with 25 years experience we feel we can help provide the best advice and recommend the most suitable for you. Although
based in Wolverhampton city centre we have clients from all areas of the UK and are only a short journey
from Leicester.

We are more than just a wig 'shop' we offer custom styles and made to measure and can create any hair
design that you wish. Our female consultation are Maggie and Megan, whilst our male specialists
are David and Claire - call the salon on 01902 246004 for more information.

1) We discuss your needs 2) We can fit and style all wigs 3) Ensure they look good

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Wigs Leicester


If you’re suffering hair loss, you can find very authentic looking hair pieces from Hough’s Hair Salon near Leicester.

Wigs Leicester have improved significantly in terms of their appearance – they no longer look like wigs. In truth, some of them never did. They only have a bad reputation from poorly fitted wigs, many of which are worn by people who realise that they look “fake”. These people frequently wear the hairpiece to simply cover baldness rather than to disguise it.

The wigs available in Leicester today come in a variety of hair colours and hair styles. Once fitted on the head at Hough’s Hair Salon in Leicester, the hair loss specialist can style the wig to a certain extent to make it appear even more authentic. The benefits of wearing a wig include the fact that once you settle on a brand and you’re happy with it, the same brand may have a different style to suit – for example – a special occasion. This means that a wig that feels comfortable and fits your head shape can be changed for another one to achieve a different look.

Wigs can give their wearers renewed confidence and self esteem. If you get fitted for a wig at the Leicester outlet of Hough’s Hair Salon, you can return again locally to the same outlet to ask for advice on wig maintenance or for follow up procedures and treatments. All consultations and fittings will be dealt with with the utmost discretion.

As a hair loss specialists will tell you, you can look on a wig as a long term investment if you are put off by the cost. If a wig is properly maintained, it can be well worth the cost incurred. Wigs can be rotated in such a way as to wear one one day and the second one another day. This too will extend the life of a wig.

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