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You can find hair loss solutions in the form of ladies wigs Shrewsbury at Hough’s Hair Salon..

All types of wigs - fashion wigs - mens wigs - childrens wigs - medical hair loss wigs - cancer wigs.


Wigs and toupees have a bad reputation, but it’s only a reputation that stems from bad wigs and toupees. If someone wears a wig that looks obvious, it will give the great wigs that look realistic a bad press. You don’t hear about great wigs because they are not even noticed. A range of great wigs are available at Hough’s Hair Salon in Shrewsbury.

Many people who wear obvious wigs only do so to cover the head, and they feel more “dressed” than they would without the hairpiece. They may be fully aware that their wig is obvious and could be replaced with a far less obvious one, but they only wear the wig to cover their bald crown rather than to disguise hair loss.

There are great wigs that really don’t look obviously artificial available in Shrewsbury. Wigs come in a variety of hairstyles – wavy or straight, in numerous hair colours – and there are many kinds of wigs available and suitable for people of any colour and of either gender. Many wigs today have effects within the weave or cap of the wig to give the impression that the hair piece is real.

Lace wigs and various other kinds of wig have a see through cap that effectively suggests a hair line and partings in the hair. Hough’s Hair Salon in Shrewsbury can provide detailed advice on which wigs will best suit your head and which won’t. With years of experience behind them, wig specialists can also offer advice on wig maintenance after the fitting. Getting this kind of service locally shouldn’t be underestimated, as if any minor problems arise, the wig fitter is literally just a phone call and a quick visit away rather than a long journey.

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