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Ladies Wigs

With over 25 years experience we specialise in Ladies Wigs for any need and requirements. Whether you are experiencing hair loss due to medical reasons or just want a different hair style - we have clients from across the UK.

We offer the complete service - fitting, cutting and styling. Each and every wig looks natural and suits you.

-- We offer 'free consultations' - in a private cubicle, to discuss your specific requirements with a specialist. --


Ladies Wigs Key Points

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Ladies Wigs - Fitted, Cut & Styled

We can provide more than a wig out of a box. If you are new to wearing a wig then it is best to visit us to ensure it is fitted correctly and looks natural. The photos below show the process of having a wig fitted and styled which is essesstial to achieveing the best possible look.

Ladies Wigs

Styling service also available for wigs not provided by ourselves.

If you are an experienced wearer or are unable to visit us then we can provide a supply only. We'll discuss via email or over the telephone your requirements and help you find a wig to suit you - we'll then post this to you for free.

A selection of our ladies wigs available:

We have a huge range of different styles and as we offer the complete cutting and styling service are able to create any custom style that you wish. Below are a selection of the most popular:

Selection of ladies wigs.

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