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We provide both men and women wigs - off the shelf or custom made and styled. With 25 years experience in hair loss and wigs we are sure that we can provide the service or product that you need. For a professional personal
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If you’re suffering from hair loss, Hough’s Hair Salon Wolverhampton near Worcester may be able to help. Wigs Worcester are today so comfortable and authentic as to be effectively a second skin. The hair piece or wig often comes with a cap that allows the scalp enough freedom to be comfortable. Your Worcester wig specialist will work with you to guarantee that level of comfort, and advise on which wig looks best.


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You should really try out a wig if you are suffering hair loss. You may find after having an initial consultation and trying a wig on in Worcester that the advantages of wig wearing outweigh any stigma that is the result of the reputation of poorly fitted wigs.

The fact is, there are far more people walking around today wearing wigs or hair pieces of one kind or another than you would realise. They can renew a confidence in the wearer that the person suffering a reduction in hair quality or other hair related ailment may have themselves lost when their hair began to fall out. Hough’s Hair Salon in Worcester will offer advice on how to restore that confidence with any number of hair replacement products and treatments.

The hair replacement products today are often made from genuine human hair. Not only that, but the synthetic hair or hair made from other animals also looks extremely realistic. Hairpieces are cut and styled today in such a way as to appear like genuine hair. When they are customised or fitted in the correct fashion, they don’t look like an artificial cover or cap. With numerous methods of securing the wig in place, including drawstrings, clips, adhesives and combs, there is no risk that it will fall from the head.

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